From dirty to clean, adventures of a clean eating mom.

About July 16, 2011

Hi, my name is Allison and I write the blog Clean Eating Mama. I work from home, in Florida, as an instructional designer. I am married to Bryan and a  mother of two boys, Wesley – 5 years old, and Owen – 18 months.

I am super passionate about food and what’s in it! I believe that food can be enjoyed AND be healthy. I decided to start blogging about my food adventures because many of my friends want to know about what we eat. I always get questions like, “How do you eat healthy on a budget?”, “What kinds of foods do you prepare?”, “How do you have the time to prepare the food?”, “Which ingredients are bad?”, and “What is potassium sorbate?”  This blog will help me answer those questions and more. My desire is to inspire you to change the way you eat, and try new things.

My goals are three fold; to have a creative outlet to share my food journey,  to help you understand what is in the foods we eat and how to make changes that will make you and your families healthier, and to learn more! I am not an expert, but like I said, I am passionate.

Eat clean, and live well.


4 Responses to “About”

  1. Hi Sweetheart,
    I am excited abou this blog.
    Good for you!!

    Stay in touch

  2. erika holt Says:

    excited to follow you on your food journey, allison. 🙂

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